Toddington Medical Centre
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Bedfordshire LU5 6DE

How to Request Repeat Prescriptions Online

  1. Sign into the repeat prescriptions
  2. On the list of services left click on medication 
    *If you are able to, click on the medication box to request the medication.
  3. Go to the bottom of the page and left click on the request medication box. 
  4. This will then take you to next page which shows you what you have requested.
  5. In the medication request notes type in any message such as items you were unable to request and if you want to collect from the surgery or tuda pharmacy.
  6. Left click on request medication.
  7. This will then produce an order summary which you can print if you need to.
    *If you are unable to tick on a box to request your medication and do not need any of the other items in the lists you need to scroll down to the box – make a custom request and tick the box. You can now type in the box what you are requesting and if you want to collect from the surgery or have it sent to tuda.
  8. Left click on request medication this will then take you to the page with medication summary. You can print off a confirmation if you would like one.

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