Toddington Medical Centre
Luton Road · Toddington
Bedfordshire LU5 6DE

Sexual Health

The Practice can offer advice on a range of sexual health issues including contraception, erectile dysfunction and sexually transmitted diseases. As always, these issues are dealt with in strict confidence no matter which age group is involved.

We can offer advice and provide a range of contraception including oral, topical, barrier and injectable methods. We have one doctor who is trained to fit IUD’s (coils) and two Doctors who are trained to fit the contraceptive implant.

You are welcome to approach this practice if you have concerns about sexually transmitted diseases. We can test for many of these conditions which can often be treated within the practice. However, as with other illnesses, it may sometimes be necessary to refer you to a hospital outpatient clinic to confirm the diagnosis and to provide treatment for your condition.

If you are aged between 16 and 24 years, we also provide Chlamydia screening service. You do not need an appointment but can simply request a testing kit from reception. All that is required is a urine specimen and the result will be sent to you by text message from the hospital.

We can also offer assessment and treatment to men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (impotence). Treatment is available for this distressing condition although the NHS is not usually able to provide this free of charge.