Toddington Medical Centre
Luton Road ยท Toddington
Bedfordshire LU5 6DE

Change of Doctor

Dated: 19-Jan-18

We are pleased to welcome Dr Ahsan Ayub to our practice.
All of our patients are registered under Toddington Medical Centre.
All patients also have a usual Doctor.
In order to balance the number of patients out between the four doctors we now have, we need to organise an internal transfer of some patients to Dr Ayub.
This will not affect your care and you are still able to see whichever Doctor you wish.
We are doing this transfer so we can more effectively share the workload when your usual Doctor is away on leave.
You will not see any change to your care.

Usual GP at PresentPatients surname starting with initials below will be transferred to Dr Ayub
Dr Tharmini JeyabalanA to D
Dr Jeyaratha SivasorubanD to L
Dr Sunil SharmaQ to Z

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