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Travel Immunisations

It is recommended that you seek travel advice at least 8 weeks before departure, and as soon as possible if you have a complicated itinerary or going for longer than one month.

Please complete a travel form, one for each traveller, giving as much information as possible. You can post, fax or hand form in to reception. You will be contacted within two weeks for recommendations and offered an appointment about a week later.

If you are going in less than 8 weeks, or are unable to attend at the times offered, you may be advised to contact an alternative travel clinic. Don’t forget to check ‘fit for travel’ or ‘NaTHNaC’ websites for information and recommendations. Print and bring with you if possible, as we will not have enough time at the appointment to cover all the issues that may be relevant for your trip.

Not all vaccinations are available free on the NHS. See our Private Travel Vaccination Fees often these have to be ordered and paid for before an appointment can be made. If time is short, you may be advised to go to a private clinic that holds them in stock. The surgery only accept cash or cheques.

Private Travel Clinics

Search online for Private travel / occupational health clinics and further information.

The following is for information not promotion:

  • Most large supermarkets and pharmacies (eg Boots, Superdrug, LLoyds)
  • CityDoc (Luton, Milton Keynes)  0845 8050473
  • Health Station (Hitchin) 01462 459595
  • Leighton Clinic (Leighton Buzzard) 01525 372571
  • MASTA (Luton, Bedford, Newport Pagnall) 0330 1004200

Useful Websites