Medical Records

Clinical information is held about you to ensure that health professionals have a complete and continuous record about your medical past, current and future treatments and care. Sometimes it is necessary to share this with other health care professionals involved in your care, on a need to know basis, such as the community nurses or health visitors.

These professionals are also bound by a duty of confidentiality. Your records are given a unique identifier which is known as your Master Patient Index number. This is used, where necessary, in all communication about you between health professionals.

Access to patient information is governed by the Data Protection Act and therefore will not be released to a third party without your consent.

You should be aware that if you are referred to another healthcare professional by a member of the practice, then information about your medical condition ill be automatically exchanged.

You have a right to access the information held about you under the Data Protection Act. If you wish to see your records please contact the practice, where the procedure will be explained to you. A small charge will be made for any photocopying or printing of your records if you request a copy.