Ear Irrigation/Ear Syringing

The Toddington Medical Centre no longer provides an ear Irrigation Service, as from 11th February 2019.

This Service is not funded by NHS England or by Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group and, as a result we are no longer able to continue to provide this Service.

The recommendations are:

  • Self-care: apply ear drops for up to 3 weeks. In most instances ear wax blockages will clear in this time.
  • Have this procedure carried out privately. There are a number of companies in Bedford and Dunstable that provide this Service. To name but a few: Bedfordshire Hearing Healthcare (01234 348144), Specsavers (01234 348944), Dunstable: Specsavers (01582 475404) and Allders Opticians (01582 0800 52 00 546)
  • Referral: if you have used ear drops for 3 weeks and this has not cleared the problem, the GP may be able to refer you to the ENT Department at Bedford or Luton & Dunstable Hospital.

Self-care ear drops can be used or simply use Olive oil (2-3 drops, twice per day), you can purchase ear drops from your Pharmacist. Ear drops are not available on prescription.