Diabetes during the pandemic

You might feel worried about going to appointments at the moment, but your diabetes team will be taking extra measures to keep you safe. There are important checks that you should still be having, so if you’re invited to an appointment, it’s important to go.

Here’s some advice on what care to expect.


This blood test shows your average blood sugar levels over the last three months. If your last HbA1c test was over a year ago, contact your diabetes team for advice, especially if you check your blood sugars at home and notice they’ve been going up or down recently. If you use a blood glucose monitor, your team may ask you to share these results online.

Heart and kidney checks

Your diabetes team will want to make sure your heart and kidneys are working properly. You might have blood tests to look at your cholesterol levels and blood and urine tests to see how your kidneys are working, or have your blood pressure taken. Speak to your team about when your last checks were done and how soon you might need them again.

Eye screening

You should normally have regular eye screening but at the moment, some people have priority, for example pregnant women and people who have had changes in their vision. If you get a letter inviting you to screening, make sure to go.


If your regular foot check is delayed, visit diabetes.org.uk/how-to-check to find out how to check your feet. If you notice any changes particularly changes in colour or temperature, or cuts or blisters, contact your foot team or GP straight away. If you’ve been having treatment for a foot problem, keep going to any appointments.


Keep taking your medication and speak to your local pharmacist if you have questions.

Checking your weight

If you can, weigh yourself at home and keep a record that you can share with your diabetes team.

Emotional support

If you’re having a tough time and need support, you might be able to refer yourself to services like counselling, without seeing your GP first. If you need more advice about this, call our helpline advisors on 0345 123 2399 from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm. We’re also here to listen and help if you have any worries or concerns at the moment.

Visit our Learning Zone at diabetes.org.uk/coronavirus-learn for free education courses to help you learn more about managing your diabetes at home.